Cleaning the coastline, one beer at a time

We may be a small brewery but with your help we've made a big contribution to the ocean clean-up this past year, raising £4,543 (plus gift aid of £429.25) for the charity Fathoms Free and its Clean Cornish Seas campaign.

The money been raised thanks to our commitment to donate a percentage from every sale of the Cove range of craft beers.

Working in this stunning spot, you can’t help but be protective of the precious marine environment. At this time of year loads of detritus gets washed up into the cove, so it’s clear for all to see how vast the problem is. We’re proud to being doing our bit to help by supporting Fathoms Free to proactively remove as much debris as possible.

The cash will be used to fund retrieval dives along the Cornish coast; the experienced dive team has already recovered a vast amount of ghost gear and aims to tackle 12 major sites in 2022 known to be littered with abandoned fishing equipment and marine debris. 

Discarded nets, pots, angling equipment and other plastic causes severe damage to the marine environment and the death of countless seabirds, seals, dolphins and other sea life; by sharing photos and videos of their work Fathoms Free are helping to raise awareness of the scale of the problem and disastrous consequences for sea life.

The Cove range consists of Stippy Stappy IPA, Seaberry Saison, Beacon Pale Ale and Midnight Skinny Dipper Milk Stout, all of which are made in small batches and feature artwork by Jago Silver.

The Cove range can currently be purchased online, here at the brewery shop, and is available in good independent bottle shops in Cornwall.

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