Our First Pilot Kit Brew is Ready!

It's been a long time coming but we can finally reveal the first beer to be packaged from our brand new pilot kit. 

Introducing Piran- a 4.5% Munich Helles inspired Cornish Lager, brewed with extra pale and munich style malts and hopped with Challenger, a noble UK hop.

Inspired by a trip to Munich, where traditional German beer halls are flowing with masterfully crafted lagers, Mike set about creating a malt base with more biscuity flavours than the ones we are so used to in the UK. Hopwise, Challenger was an obvious choice for a hint of bitterness to compliment the malt sweetness.

Lager is typically fermented at around 12 degrees, and whilst Piran started it's journey there, due to the state of the art fermenters we now have we ramped the temperature up to 16 degrees for the main part of the fermentation. This gives the beer a little more flavour from the yeast.

The name is a fairly obvious one! We were pretty surprised to learn there's no trace on the web of a beer ever sporting the Piran name, so we thought we'd change that. The artwork on the bottle will be a familiar sight to Drifty regulars and one we see every day when leaving the brewery. It's an oddly symbolic TV aerial placed at the top of the hill behind the pub, the lengths we have to go to for signal in Trevaunance Cove!

The beer is already available for Crowdfunders, and will be on general release very soon! 

I hope you enjoy and please let us know what you think


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