We are really starting to motor now as beer number three from our pilot brewery has been bottled, labelled and is ready to drink!

After our virtual beer festival earlier in the year, Lou's love for Belgian Tripels was rekindled so she asked us to recreate the Belgian classic with a Cornish twist. We set about this task with a little market research, ten different Belgian tripels to be precise, then we went to work crafting a recipe both true to style but also sticking to our values of using locally sourced ingredients when possible.

The malt bill for a beer like this is very simple, lots of Maris Otter malt and brewing sugar to increase the ABV without adding any further flavour, the hops typically used are noble hops, so we went for Goldings - a noble UK hop with lovely floral notes to compliment the yeast.

We used a Belgian Abbey style yeast strain for this and fermented at a high temperate to give the beer as much flavour as possible from this incredible yeast, what we were left with is a light, floral 9% beer that drinks way below it's ABV, incredible for those sunny days ahead.

The name came about during the tasting when we tried a Belgian Tripel named Watou, we figured Wasson was the Cornish equivalent of this word and it stuck.

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