We've made a donation to Fathoms Free - thanks to you!


This week we were pleased to donate £1,109 to Fathoms Free, a registered charity which actively cleans the ocean around the Cornish peninsula. Kicking back with a few beers can really achieve things after all!

The cash has been raised through sales of our Cove range of craft beer cans; a percentage from every can sold is donated to aid the recovery of ghost fishing gear from the Cornish coastline.

Project Manager Natallia Paliakova from Fathoms Free announced that the cash would be put towards the purchase of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) – a highly-manoeuvrable underwater vehicle which will scour the seabed and harbours for abandoned fishing gear and other marine litter.

Natallia explained: "The purchase of an ROV will take our clean-up operation to a whole new level and allow us to use our highly skilled diving team in a more efficient and targeted manner. We’ll be able to locate debris much more effectively and use it to search multiple new locations, quicker and cheaper than before.”

She added: “Thanks to the camera, we’ll know exactly what to expect before we embark on our recovery dives, making it easier to plan and keep our divers safe. We’re extremely grateful to the brewery for this incredible support.”

Abandoned nets, pots, angling equipment and other plastic causes severe damage to the marine environment and the death of countless seabirds, seals, dolphins and other sea life; recording footage of underwater debris using an ROV helps to raise awareness of the issue.

It is a huge, worldwide environmental problem, but one which small, highly dedicated organisations like Fathoms Free are spearheading.  

We are thrilled to be donating the cash to a cause which means so much to the team here at the brewery and pub. 

A lot of gear gets washed up here at Trevaunance, especially in the winter when the seas are rough. It’s scary to think how much must be out there in the ocean if the detritus in our little cove is anything to go by.

The team at Fathoms Free are doing a great job – they deserve all the support we can give them!


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